Making your own pizza?  It’s not that difficult.  Trial and error is the key.  Following recipes online and tweaking to your liking has produced superior results.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder.  Thin crust?  Thick crust?  Margherita? Just experiment.

To make it easy on you.  Here’s what works.

Weber Silver  

Kettle Pizza

Pizza Stone:

Dough Recipe:  You’re on your own here… way too many to choose from and everyone thinks they’re right.  Experiment with flour, Tipo 00 (Hi Gluten), KA Bread Flour, AP, anything you can get your hands on. Don’t over look water, avoid tap.  Mineral water has given great results for me.  If you’re good, you’ll look up a recipe for sauce and make it your own,  try Pomi Crushed Tomato.  I’ll be making my own mozzarella cheese soon.  Don’t skimp on ingredients.

Proof your dough over night in the fridge.  Make sure it’s always covered so it doesn’t dry out.  Learn how to form your dough into a ball and finish proof your dough prior to making pizza.  Super big hint.  LEARN HOW TO FORM YOUR DOUGH INTO A BALL!

Once the dough is proofed, prepare your dough for toppings, before you place your toppings, be sure to prep bread board or “pizza peel” with semolina or corn meal.  If you don’t, the pie won’t slide off the peel into the oven.

Photo Aug 17, 4 45 50 PM

Yes, you’re reading that correct.  It’s almost 900 degrees in there. While that is not the temperature of the stone, the oven needs to be hot.  If you’re using your house oven, get it hot, 500 plus.  Yes, the smoke detector will go off, burning old food off.  I’ve heard some people use the cleaning cycle for hotter temps, I haven’t tried that yet.

When you’re done making the pizza, eat it.  Then plan a pizza party and share it.  You’ll be amazed at the response!