Walnut Picture Frames


Conceptual 3 Dimensional drawings were drafted with the client’s original ideas.  A total of 3 frames end up being requested.

Larkin 3_D2


A few revisions and the vision came to life.  There would be 8 individual frames nested within each larger parent frame.

Larkin Picture Frame Threaded 67 Individuals


Hand selected 8/4 Walnut members were selected for the perimeter frames from Austin Hardwoods out of Santa Ana, CA.  These were ripped down to 4.5″ wide using Dewalt 745 and then planed down using a Dewalt 735.


Perimeter members were cut to length and then c-cut on a jigged sled


The backside of each top member was routed to accept an aluminum channel to achieve an invisible mounting system.


 Through holes for the steel all thread were drilled into each end.





Over 109′ feet of all thread was cut to length and fitted around the frames.



The 24 individual pictures frames were placed in a repeating pattern using a system of weld nuts and threaded rods.  Each weld nut contain (3) – #2 brass screws, in all 396 screws were fastened.  The steel weld nuts were clear zinc’d and treated with an acid patina to obtain a dark rich brown hue.